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Kona Bikes

Kona make mountain bikes for the excitement of adventure and because they take you to amazing places. Kona's has bikes to do it all in any circumstance, from downhill to dirt jump, cross-country to crosstrail, enduro and all-mountain to just exploring and getting lost. Kona draws inspiration from their backyard, where bikes like the Honzo were first developed, a line which has expanded in carbon, aluminum, steel and titanium. Born on Pacific Northwest trails, Kona mountain bikes are built to explore and expand your idea of what is possible.

Kona Process 134 CR/DL 29
The Process 134 CR DL 29 represents four years of design iterations, mechan...
Kona Honzo ST
Deciding which Kona is our favorite is like picking your favorite child. Ev...
Kona Libre
The Libre is the result of years of dreaming up the ultimate carbon dream m...