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We're taking a break...

It's been a year filled with many sacrifices and much hard work by our valued team at JRA Cycles - they are deserving of a break and to facilitate this, we will be closed from Sunday, July 4th, through Sunday July 11th.


We missed you!

You are welcome to enter the store again:

We kindly recommend that if you are not vaccinated or are feeling unwell that you please wear a mask.

If you would like us to wear a mask when helping please just ask.

If you prefer to remain outdoors, please ring the bell and we will be right out.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We have bikes IN STOCK for EVERYBODY right now:

Balance bikes, pedal bikes for kids, youth-sized mountain bikes, women's hybrids and women's MTBs.
We have hardtails, XC, trail, and enduro MTBs with alloy or carbon frames as well as a wide selection of other hybrids, gravel bikes, and road bikes.

Breezer Midtown - great biking on pavement or trail!

Breezer Midtown Hybrid Bike
Breezer Midtown Hybrid Bike
Breezer Midtown Hybrid Bike
Breezer Midtown Hybrid Bike

Made to transform rough paths or inner-city roads into your personal playground, the Breezer Midtown series combines mountain-bike durability with city-bike speed. Equipped with large-volume 27.5" tires for extra cushion, these urban warriors take the edge off of pot holes and train tracks, allowing you to make the most of your ride.  Go ahead and have some fun, you deserve it!

JRA Cycles is pleased to announce that we have added Marin bikes to our stable of brands!
In stock now: Marin mountain bikes, hybrids, gravel bikes, as well as Marin commuter and comfort E-bikes!









We've also got bikes from Breezer, Fuji, Haro, Kink, Marin, Premium and Giant!

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