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Braking Up Is Easy To Do

JRA & Hayes are making it easier to feel the Dominion Difference. Trade in your current brake set for a pair of Hayes Dominions for a special introductory price!

Braking up has never felt better.

How Do I Participate?

Step 1

Schedule an appointment with us to drop-off your bike with the current hydraulic brakes.

Step 2

Drop off your bike on the scheduled date and we'll order the A2 or A4 brakes with the rotor size you desire. Once they arrive we'll install your brand new Hayes Dominion brakes & donate your used hydraulic brakes.

Step 3

You pick up your bike and pay the Brake Up special price of $400 ($620 MSRP) + labor... and then you go shred some trails!


Q - What models can be purchased with my trade-up brake sets?
A - Dominion A4, A2, and SFL (Short Reach Lever) configuration.

Q - What condition does my trade-up brake-set need to be in?

A - Trade-up brake set can be in working or non-working compatible hydraulic disc brake set.

Q - What do you do with my trade-up brake-set?
A - JRA Cycles will keep trade-up set and donate to a cycling organization, high school MTB bike team, or charity in need.

Q - May I trade in multiple brake sets?
A - Yes, but each set must be installed on bike.

Q - May I install the brake set myself?

A - To receive the trade-up special discount the brakes must be purchased at JRA Cycles and installed by a service technician. The installation price is
$75 per brake.

Q - Are mounting brackets included?

A - No, neither IS or Post Mount brackets are included, but may be ordered.

Q - Are brake-pads included?
A - Yes, they are, two sets in fact! ; T106 Semi-Metallic (Included), T100 Sintered Metallic (Included)