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What type of ride are you looking for?


Mountain Biking has been our bread & butter here at JRA since we started in 2003. Whether you rip flowy XC, slay technical trail, or exclusively ride lift service, we're here to help you with all your offroad & MTB needs!

Mixed Terrain

You'd be shocked at how many miles of amazing Mixed Terrain rides can be had in Greater Boston and Western MA. If you're looking for adventure right here at home, Gravel bikes are the way to go.


There are few things more exhilarating than riding in a paceline with your friends on pavement. Whether you're living that aero lifestyle, enjoy a lively group ride now and then, or are just looking for a nice bike path to cruise on, we're down to help you find the right products to meet your fitness needs.


Who among us doesn't need a little escape every now and then? Bikepacking is a solid way to reconnect yourself with the outdoors and appreciate the simple things in life... even if just for 1 night.