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In-Store Shopping Update - May 22, 2021

In-Store Shopping Update

Hello JRA community.  We hope this message finds you well.

This past year has been nothing short of challenging for many people. Here at JRA we had to navigate a sea of ever-changing information, bike and part shortages, and balance an unprecedented boom in cycling with our responsibility to keep our community safe. We feel we have been able to deliver the experience you have come to expect from JRA even when doing our business out on the sidewalk.

With the current Covid-19 mandates being lifted starting May 29 we will still be doing our best to serve you as best  we can, but we still have many challenges as a small business that is very, very busy.

As of now we will still be doing our business curbside and ask everyone to remain respectful of the others around them as we are still all in this together.  We are working on a plan to open the store back up to customers up in some capacity in the coming weeks/months but not just yet and  this is why it’s not in customer friendly shape right now:

  • With the huge demand for products (bikes, parts, and accessories) we have had to greatly adjust the way we are ordering products.  We are ordering much larger quantities as supplies and delivery dates are very limited. For example: when we would have ordered 6 helmets at a time in the past now, we are ordering 30-50, and now we need to store this addition product. Multiply that over dozens of products and we lose space rapidly. With this being our only location and no basement or attic the sales floor that was once beautifully merchandised is now looking like a warehouse.
  • To establish social distanced work areas inside the store, we have established "offices" on the sales floor for some team members.
  • If a team member ends up testing positive (vaccinated or not) they will still have to isolate from others for a period of time. This will put additional stresses on the remaining staff and will result in longer than expected wait times with sales and service. The service department is already working at maximum capacity and any absence will severely disrupt the scheduling and turnaround times. We aim to deliver top notch service with minimum down time. So please help us keep our staff healthy and working in order to keep your repairs quick and thorough.

So, there are many challenges we are facing when looking to reopen to in store shopping so please be patient as we will get there. The year has been full of stories shared, smiles (masked) given, tears shed, new friendships made, and the hope for some normalcy has always been on everyone’s mind. We look forward to seeing everyone in the shop at some point and we thank you for your support and understanding.

– Your friends at JRA Cycles