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JRA Staff

JRA Leadership

BRIAN - owner

he/him - Starting JRA so many years ago, I never thought it would grow to be what it is today. I look forward to the challenges every day brings. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be associated with so many smart, and caring individuals over the last 20 years (my Team members) Not a day goes by that I don't learn something from them. I'm grateful for that.

Fun facts: I started racing BMX at age 14, and broke my collarbone three times before the age of 16. JRA was started with a 3K cash advance on a Discover card.

Dream ride: My favorite trail is the "Catapulta" Sardinia, Italy.

ADAM - general manager

he/him - I've been part of the JRA family since before JRA was born in 2003. I had worked at the shop (1998-2003) when it was Travis Cycle and never left. I do love so much about working in the cycling industry. Being part a fun and exciting outdoor community is very rewarding. Aside from riding bikes I love rock climbing, chasing reptiles around in the woods, and riding my motorcycles.

ALESSIO - retail manager

he/him - I have been working in outdoor recreation since I got out of high school. Recreating outside has given me so many tools in life. And I spend everyday with the goal of doing more and seeing more places.

Dream ride: World Cup DH Tracks at: Fort williams, les gets, Maribor,& Leogang

JRA Sales



Fun fact: I'm from the Caribbean!

Dream ride: I would love to ride Europe on a Evil Wreckoning.



Fun fact: I can play the violin!

Dream bike: My dream bike is my current Pivot Switchblade that I currently own!



Fun fact: I am studying Brazilian Portuguese.

Dream ride: I set out on my rigid singlespeed hartail and ride some pristine singletrack with my sample collection box in my frame bag. I come across a mushroom of a little-studied genus. Later I study the sample under a microscope and, pending peer review, I realize that I've discovered a new species.



Fun fact: I'm a professional musician!

Dream bike: Devinci Wilson



Fun fact: I enjoy casually shredding the gnar!

Dream bike: My dream bike is my current Ibis Ripmo.



Fun fact: I grew up in China and am a galleried landscape painter.

JRA Service

THOM J - technician

he/him - Who is Thom J? Some say he's just a reformed Baltimore bike courier. Still others speak of his time in the Big Apple where he cut his teeth in the bike industry. Shucks, there's even talk that he wrenched in Cincinatti for a spell. Well I can tell you he's all of those things and more, because he is me. 

Fun fact: I am learning how to golf. It's the only sport where the more you practice the worse you get.

Dream ride: I'm originally from Colorado but haven't ridden there in the modern era with a sproingy bike. 

MATT S - technician


Fun fact: I did not own a smartphone until 2020.

Dream ride: Anywhere in the world with my bestest friends!

DEREK - technician


Fun Fact: I have a tall bike, and love building weird bikes!

Dream ride: I hope to make a cross-country bike-packing trip happen one day.

JORDAN - technician


Fun fact: I have an irrational love of old steel road bikes

Dream ride: Squamish, BC - All of it.

ELIZABETH - technician


Fun fact: I have a black belt in jujitsu

Dream ride: My dream ride is going and riding in the Alps with my friends. We'd ride parks all day and stuff ourselves with delicious food at night!

LIAM - technician


Fun fact: I am secretly a clipless enthusiast( but I have been riding flats for 4 years

Dream bike: Evil Offering


LLOYD - shipping/receiving

Growing up in rural Mississippi Lloyd took off on a 17 mile joyride on a 20 inch AMF. Since then he’s not veered off the proverbial bike path with years spent working in the Boston Bike Building industry. He believes bicycles to be tools to liberate, inspire, provide community and create endless opportunities for adventure. He brings his quiet enthusiasm, unwavering honesty, patience, and passion for all things bike to JRA believing in the business and his colleagues.

RUSS - web store/tech

he/him/his - So grateful for the chance to work with the best people – customers and co-workers alike. Yay bikes!

Fun fact: I was the reason #DONTRIDETHATRUSS was conceived.

Dream ride: Spending a month riding in the Southwest.

MIKE W - event management/web chat

Fun fact: Internet famous for sliding on my butt. Thanks Russ

Dream bike: Either a Mach 4SL or that crazy new Scott Spark. Basically anything I can both go fast AND take chances on.

RICH P - admin

Been "Behind the Scenes" at JRA Cycles since 1998; Husband and father of 3 wonderful adult children; Been riding and racing bikes since 1991 and came to cycling from a running background.

Fun fact: I play guitar and bass in a "Dad Rock" band

Dream bike: Thanks to my best friend Brian I have had my dream bikes for the past 25 years!